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Welcome to A TV Calling’s Script Library!

Whether you are an aspiring or professional TV writer, this mini-site is for you. One of the keys to understanding the craft of screenwriting is to read screenplays and educate yourself through their analysis. That is why I have created this online script library.

You will find here a lot of TV scripts, and occasionally a few pitches, outlines and bibles (not the religious kind).

Your job is to learn as much as you can from them. Tear them apart piece by piece, and build them back up. Understand what makes a character tick through dialogue and action. Analyze great structures and act breaks. In short, read and understand.

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This script library is not for me, it’s for you writers (and readers)! If you have TV scripts you want to contribute (anonymously?), you’re more than welcome to do just that. All documents are sanitized to remove any sensitive metadata. You can shoot me an e-mail at: scripts [at]



Copyrighted materials (primarily screenplays) can be found on this site which have not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner.

The goal of this website is to provide these copyrighted materials for educational purposes only. In other words, I am making them available solely for the purpose of helping comprehension of the screenwriting craft. Every copyrighted material distributed on this site is done so without profit. I believe this constitutes a “fair use” of these copyrighted materials.

If you want to use these copyrighted materials for anything other than what constitutes “fair use”, you NEED to obtain permission from all copyright owners!

If you are yourself the writer or owner of any of these screenplays, and want me to take them down, feel free to e-mail me at : scripts [at]

New Scripts

HBO - Barry 1x07 (Loud, Fast, and Keep Going) 88.44 KB 8207 downloads


THE CW - Black Lightning 1x01 (Pilot) 115.79 KB 2809 downloads


FOX - The Resident 1x01 (Pilot) 97.50 KB 2948 downloads


DC UNIVERSE - Doom Patrol 1x01 (Pilot) 1.25 MB 2490 downloads